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Jan 15/2016
What's New: 2015

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Mar 05/2016

What’s New: 2015

What do a 12 foot Trapper’s Canoe, a penny clay pipe, and a “Brown Bess” musket all have in common? Absolutely nothing... except that these artifacts were all donated to the Museum on Tower Hill in 2015! The ‘What’s New Exhibition’ showcases a large selection of our 2015 donations. In this exhibit you will find a Great Lakes Ship Captain’s Wardrobe, a Black Fly Sculpture, a pair of child’s mittens and much more.

The ‘What’s New Exhibition’ offers donors a chance to see their donations on exhibit. The Museum on Tower Hill puts this exhibition on annually to both display our new acquisitions and to thank our generous donors for contributing to the preservation of the West Parry Sound District’s history. At the end of this exhibition, every artifact will be packed and stored away properly in our Collections Room – ensuring the history of the district will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Exhibit Highlights

Dress like a Fire Fighter: Try on our fire fighter jacket and helmet and strike your best pose!

Trapper’s Canoe: A beautiful red 12 foot cedar strip canoe from the Chestnut Canoe Company

Captain’s Wardrobe: Passed down in the Marshall family is a stunning Captain’s Wardrobe -believed to have been owned by Captain A. Galbraith, a ship captain on the Great Lakes.


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