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Start Date:
Mar 12/2016
The Monarch

End Date:
Apr 29/2016

The Monarch

The Monarch is an exhibition that explores the magnificent life of the Monarch butterfly. Loaned to the Museum by the Canadian Museum of Nature, this travelling exhibition offers individuals a chance to better understand this beautiful and somewhat complex creature. Interactive games, virtual tagging and testing your survival skills in Mexico are just some of the exciting ways individuals will learn about this butterfly.

Interested in the monarch's life cycle? Or curious as to how these tiny insects travel up to 2, 500 miles during migration? Then The Monarch is the exhibition for you! Through butterfly identification, a life cycle diorama and a variety of games and information, the Museum on Tower Hill hopes to answer all your questions.

Throughout the exhibition the Museum will be hosting family friendly activities as well as youth and adult programming. So if you are looking for some fun activities to fill your March break, the Museum is your ideal destination. With programming lead by such groups as the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, both children and adults are sure to learn something new and exciting.

Keep an eye to this page for further details regarding the events and programming for this exhibition. With so much to learn, you simply cannot miss out on this exhibition.

This exhibit is made possible by the generous contributions from the Parry Sound Nature Club.


Exhibition Highlights:



Monarch Life Cycle Diorama: The Museum on Tower Hill partnered with Mrs. Ross' kindergarten class from Parry Sound Public School in order to create a life size diorama of the 4 life stages of the monarch butterfly. From milkweed to caterpillars, these talented artists have recreated it all in order to help us understand how these insects grow and become the beautiful butterflies we see in our gardens.


Reader's Nook: Cozy up with a good book in our reader's nook. Parents and children are invited to relax and take some time to read one of the many books that the Museum has on the Monarch butterfly. There are even toys and finger puppets to play with!


Origami Monarch Butterflies: Help the Museum create a traveling exhibition on the Monarch Butterfly. Each origami butterfly you make will become a part of our current exhibition and our traveling exhibition. The butterflies will be hung, replicating the way monarchs cluster on tree branches once they reach their overwintering locations.







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