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Do you have an object or photo you are considering donating? The Museum on Tower Hill accepts donations year-round. The donation process ensures that all accepted artifacts contribute to telling the West Parry Sound story.


Temporary Custody Form

Donors must sign and date a Temporary Custody form for the object/s. Without this completed form artifacts can not be accepted. The form will ask for provenance of the object/s and contact information. You will be asked to acknowledge the following:


v  I understand that should my donation be accepted into the Permanent Collection there is no guarantee as to when or if it will be put on display.


v  I understand that my donation will be reviewed by the Collection Committee and that should items be accepted for the Permanent Collection I will be required to complete a donation form transferring ownership to the West Parry Sound District Museum. It may take two to four months for items to be reviewed.


v  I understand that if I fail to pick up items that were not accepted in to the Permanent Collection within 12 months of notification the West Parry Sound District Museum will dispose of the items.


The object/s are placed with the form to go before the Collection Committee. If you wish to fill out the form beforehand, you can download the Temporary Custody Form. Always be prepared to answer a couple questions when you bring in a potential donation.


Collection Committee

All donations are brought before the Collection Committee who will decide if the object/s meet the Collection Policy.

The first factor the Committee will consider is the provenance or origin of the object. What is its story? Everything the Museum collects must have been made or used in West Parry Sound or made or used by a resident of West Parry Sound.

The more information there is about a donation, the better. Without information, the object loses authenticity.

The Committee will then consider the condition of the donation. How deteriorated is it and if it could pose any potential threats to other objects in the collection (ex. Mould).

If the object is a duplicate, the Committee will compare it to what we currently have in collection. Duplicates in excellent condition may be accepted. And lastly, they will consider if we can properly house and care for the donation.

The Collection Committee meets once a month depending on the influx of donations. The entire process can take between two to four months. After a decision has been reached, owners will be contacted about the outcome and asked to sign a Gift Agreement or to retrieve the object/s.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the donation process please feel free to email the Museum's Collections Supervisor, Amy Sultana at



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