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The Museum on Tower Hill is entrusted with over 6,000 artifacts and 5,000 historic images which have all been generously donated to us by the passionate individuals that make up our Museum’s community. As the leading museum for the West Parry Sound District it is our responsibility to ensure the preservation and longevity of these items and with your help we have been able to do just that.

Adopt-An-Artifact is a sponsorship program that encourages individuals to assist in the preservation of the Museum’s collection. By ‘adopting’ one of the artifacts housed within our collections room you will be supporting our efforts to protect and interpret our districts heritage while also helping to fund future exhibitions and educational programming. As a not-for-profit organization the Museum staff and Board of Directors truly appreciate this meaningful gift.

Do you have someone in your family that is impossible to buy gifts for? Adopt-An-Artifact is the perfect way to show your love and give the gift of history! The Museum on Tower Hill is delighted to give individuals the chance to ‘gift’ their adoption to both family and friends. The Museum also encourages schools and businesses to adopt artifacts; it is not only a great learning opportunity but is also a great way to show your love of our districts heritage.

Want to personalize your adoption? Let the Museum know why you chose to adopt an artifact and they will include your story on our website. If you plan on giving the adoption to someone as a gift, include your personal story or message and we will include it on our website as well as on the photo card given out with each adoption.

Show your dedication to our local history by adopting an artifact today!


Adoption Level


Share Your Story

You have the option of sharing personal stories and comments about why you chose to Adopt-an-Artifact. Stories provided to the Museum will be posted on our website, unless otherwise indicated. If you are adopting an artifact as a ‘gift’ we will send the stories, if included, to the gift recipient as a part of the Photo Card. If you do not want your story published, please indicate your desire in that portion of the form.

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Becoming A Guardian

Thank you for your support in our Adopt-an-Artifact program. Your contribution will go a long way in the care of the Museum’s Permanent Collection, preserving it and making it accessible for future generations.

There are four ways to join:

In Person

Come in during operating hours and Museum staff will be happy to help you.

By Phone

Call us at 705-746-5365 and speak with one of our employees about adopting your artifact.

By Mail

Download the printable Adopt-An-Artifact Form. Once completed, mail to:

Museum on Tower Hill, P. O Box 337, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2X4


Download the printable Adopt-An-Artifact Form. Once completed, email to:










Adoption Polices

1. Adoptions are for a one-year term only. Museum staff will be in contact with you towards the end of your term to remind you that your adoption is close to its expiration date.

2. Please allow one-two weeks for the Museum to process and mail the adoption certificate, photos, and tax receipts.

3. The Museum includes the option of gifting your adoption. If desired, the Museum can mail the adoption certificate directly to the gift recipient, just include their address when filing out the form. If you do not fill out the gift recipient’s information the certificate and photo will be mailed to the purchaser. Charitable tax receipts will ALWAYS be sent to the purchaser’s address.

4. Payment can be made securely online with Visa, Mastercard or Interact Debit. Cash or personal cheques will be accepted through mail or in person at the Museum on Tower Hill.

5. The Museum encourages individuals to leave personal stories and comments about why you chose to Adopt an Artifact but it is not required and is an optional feature for all individuals wishing to adopt. If you include a story on the adoption form it will be published on the Museum website and sent to the gift recipient, if that portion of the form is filled out. If you do not want your story published, please indicate your wish on the form.

6. For more information about the Adopt-An-Artifact sponsorship program please call us at 705-746-5365 or email

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