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Start Date:
Jan 20/2024
Curling in Parry Sound: Celebrating 125 Years

End Date:
Dec 31/2024

The Roots of a Passionate Tradition

The exhibition will be a captivating journey through time, tracing the roots of curling in Parry Sound. From its humble beginning on natural ice to state-of-the-art facilities of today, visitors will witness the evolution of a sport that has become deeply woven into the fabric of the community.

Unveiling the Treasure

As visitors step into the exhibiton, they will be greeted by a treasure that will lead them down memory lane. Vintage Curling stones, antique brooms, and historic photographs will tell the story of the town's enduring love affair with the game. Each artifact has a tale to tell, reflecting the dedication and passion that have fueled curling in Parry Sound for over a century

Interactive Exhibits for All Ages

This celebration is more than just a walk down memory lane: it's an interactive experience for all ages. Visitors can try their hand at a simulated curling match, gaining a newfound appreciation for the skill and precision required to master this timeless sport. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the hands-on activities that bring the spirit of curling to life.

Looking towards the future

While the exhibition commemorates the past, it also set its sights on the future. Displays highlights the advancements in technology, training facilities, and the growing popularity of curling promise to inspire the next generation of enthusiasts. Parry Sound's commitement to maintaining its status as a curling hub for years to come will be evident throughout the exhibtion.

Join the Celebration

As Parry Sound marks 125 years of curling, the exhibition invites everyone to be a part of this remarkble celebration. Whether you are a seasoned curler, a casual fan, or someone curious to learn more about the town's history, this exhibition promises a memorable experience for all.

Don't miss the chance to be part of Curling in Parry Sound: Celebrating 125 Years.


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