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The E. Roy Smith Gallery is currently closed.

The E. Roy Smith Gallery, normally the home of our permanent or long-running exhibitions, has been shut down so that the Gallery can be updated.  The opening of the permanent gallery has not yet been set, but we anticipate reopening it in 2020. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding!

In October 2019, the Museum began installing the model of the Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Railway, but not without the help of some dedicated volunteers of course! Thank you to all those who helped move the train into the Permanent Gallery.

Bringing up the train!

There sure were a lot of pieces!

...and even more screws!

Shout out to thom morrissey photography for capturing it all on film :)

Staff and volunteers have been hard at work in the E Roy Smith Gallery. The Barn is officially down and has been moved out of the Gallery into storage.

A big thank you to Merrill, Joanne, Ellen, Roger, Gord, Barb, Quinlan, Doug and Daryl for making this happen!


The Museum has successfully completed the first stage of our planned fall 2019 renovation of the E. Roy Smith Gallery; moving the Mackinaw boat. Watch the video below to see how we did it. Thank you to the staff of Glenn Burney Marina who made the move possible.


Now On Display...

Start Date:
Mar 12/2021
What's New Virtual Exhibition

End Date:
Dec 31/2021

Every January, the Museum honours new artifact donations received throughout the pervious year by curating our What's New exhibition. Since the beginning of this year was bit uncertain, we deceided to take things virtual.

This year, instead of coming to the Museum to explore the new additions to the permanent collection, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home! Just click on the graphic below to discover the array of material the Museum received throughout 2020. From a collection of photographs capturing the covid-19 pandemic to an invitation for the first graduation ceremony of the Parry Sound General Hospital Training School for Nurses, these artifacts help share the story of the West Parry Sound District.


What's New 2021

Click on the graphic below to explore this virtual exhibition!


Keep an eye out for our next virtual exhibition in April!

Start Date:
Apr 12/2021
Avro Arrow: A Dream Denied Virtual Exhibition

End Date:
Dec 31/2021

Many West Parry Sound District residents will know that while much of the work on the Avro Arrow and Iroquois engine was done in Malton, many of the engines components were developed and tested in Nobel. The test facility opened in 1946, and was located on the site of the former Defense Industries Limited explosives plant. The property was already equipped with a power plant, water supply, machine shop, laboratories and offices, which saved the company set-up time and money.

Learn more about the Avro Arrow in this new virtual exhibition!




We hope you enjoy this month's virtual exhibition!

Start Date:
May 11/2021
The History of Tower Hill Virtual Exhibition

End Date:
Dec 31/2021

Did you know that the Tower Hill observation tower is visited every year by roughly 20,000 people from all over the world? Although this amazing place has always been a great tourist attraction, its history proves that it is much more than that! Learn more about this popular Parry Sound location in our newest virtual exhibition.

The History of Tower Hill

Click on the graphic below to explore this virtual exhibition!


We hope you enjoyed this months virtual exhibit!

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